Who are we?

We are happy to welcome you to
the official page of the International Professional
Association of Coaching & Consulting (IPACC)

Established in 2008 as the International Professional Association of Coaching & Consulting (IPACC) has grown on an annual basis to become the leading authority on Coaching & Consulting.

Whether it’s sharing knowledge, bringing you together with like-minded professionals, or providing practical advice and solutions, the International Professional Association of Coaching & Consulting (IPACC) delivers an unrivalled service to the workplace coaching sector. The best professionals at their business are gathered on the site!

Key tasks of the association:

1. Popularization of coaching all around the world;
2. Popularization and development of consulting and consulting services;
3. Support of quality standards of professional services of coaches, trainers, and consulters;
4. Quality control or rendered services, professional support of coaches, trainers, and consulters.

Association unites professional coaches, trainers, and consulters providing all necessary information for those who want to employ services of coach, business trainer or to receive professional consultation.

The best professionals at their business are gathered on the site; there is also convenient coach searching catalogue.

Idea of coaching and modern attitude to it

Nowadays, more and more new coaches, trainers, and consulters appear, as well as info entrepreneurship is developing in the Internet; and such word as coach got highly underestimated by these info businessmen. On the market of consulting service new players appear, and many of them think that coaching is a meeting with a client and smart talks with him or her; at most, it is consulting of the client, and trainings are lectures on theme “what I have recently read in a book”.

From one hand we observe active development in coaching, training, and consulting system, nevertheless, at the same time we observe crisis in these fields. The association was created exactly in order to direct all powers to support the quality of coaching, trainings, and consulting. To teach and evolve professionals in this field. One of the most important our roles is to renew the name and value of the coaching, trainings, and consulting. To liquidate illegibility regarding these spheres of activity and bring up a pleiad of professional specialists in these three fields in order to actually help people and help in self-realization those who chose help to other people in reaching their aims and development as profession and sense of life.

The association unites professionals in three fields of coaching, training, and consulting those who chose for themselves a way of development, perfection, and service.

Why does the association unite coaches, trainers, and consulters?

As in psychology, there are several schools and associations in coaching that follow certain rules and standards. However, there are psychologists who prefer not to work with a client with the help of tools used in other school, even if they are more effective. Client and his/her results are important for us, that is why we realize that for reaching the settled aim of the client it may be not enough to put him/her questions. Sometimes it is just a necessity to render him/her professional aid or consultation, or teaching the client certain skills; also we understand that consultation or training will be more effective if one conducts them in coaching format.

Activity of the association is directed to the search and accumulation of different tools and technologies, which are able to help people to solve significant problems, go out of complicated situations, and make clients’ lives more full.

Difference between IPACC and other associations

Difference between IPACC and other associations and schools is that the main focus chosen by them is problems and aims of clients, but not the methodic applied to help the client. Many specialists eagerly use and prove that methodic of their school or association is the best, and is the only helpful to apply; they are apologists of their school and put at the head of the corner their school and methodic but not the clients with their aims and problems. For us it is important that clients reach settled by them aims. Professional, to whom the client addressed, may chose amidst coaching, training, or consulting in order to help client to reach the aim, with which he or she came; it is important that the service would be rendered by professional at the professional level.

Why the association unites three directions.

Members of the association while studying work of numerous coaches and consultants all around the world came to a conclusion that very often clients’ requests have a complex nature, and to maximally help the client and to the full extent satisfy his or her needs, it is necessary to possess professional skills of coach, trainer, and consulter. Quite often when communication with coaches, trainers, and consulters, we hear that one methodic does not give expected results, and it happens that the client comes to the coach with request of skills development, that is training request. That is why association puts a task to professionally teach and evolve trainers, coaches, and consulters all around the world in all of three directions.

New directions in the development.

Lately, there appeared lots of methodics and directions in the development of personality and organizations; we carefully follow new tendencies and accumulate the experience, which we transfer to our students. With interest we watch and use such directions as spiral dynamics, Adizes’ methodology, Scrum technology, generative approach, transpersonal psychology. We also venerate traditions and stand for purity of applying classical coaching and feel anxious when we see double standards. And at the same time we bring in new knowledge and tendencies into work of our clients’ development.

Our educational programs are built on traditional knowledge of the coaching, training, and consulting, as well as on applying the newest knowledge and methods in these fields.

How to become a member of IPACC?

To participate in the association you have to submit an application; it is available for certified coaches. Besides, all candidates need recommendations from 2 members and/or president of the association in Russia and CIS countries.

What does the association give?

Members of the association not only have to follow certain ethical requirements and standards of work with clients, but they also have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with effective practice of coaching and consulting, including in the sphere of teaching groups.

Apart of that, association performs marketing support of its members and helps them to find their clients, as well as informs about new tendencies in advertisement and attraction of client stream.

Association IPACC offers coaches and consulters to take part in the process of changing and improvement of consulting, to elaborate and distribute qualitative remote learning.

Advantages of participation in IPACC.

Actively developing international professional network IPACC gives you an opportunity to become a member of super professional company. Its members in their practice follow ethical and qualitative requirements to the work with clients, as regarding to their colleagues, entrepreneurs, directors, and groups of separate consulters in the sphere of interpersonal relations. Their activity is directed to fulfillment of aims and problems of individual clients, groups, and enterprises.

Qualification characteristics of coach’s activity: IPACC gives licenses to coaches, taking into account qualification and working experience as a consulter.

What will you get in IPACC:

1. Perfect recommendations, including concerning the fee;
2. Qualitative professional level, principles and recommendations on ethics and statute;
3. Corresponding recommendations in the business sphere;
4. Beneficial offers, which provide qualification level growth and professional growth inside the association;
5. The most relevant news for all members of IPACC, managers, entrepreneurs etc.;
6. Publishing of specialized articles of the association.

Having become a member of our multinational professional IPACC team, you will learn a lot and receive an impulse for personal development, hurry up!