Our mission and vision:
1. To build a coaching community on a global scale, where there is sufficient need and potential for coaching.
2. To grow an international membership base to a minimum of 5,000.
3. To align or partner with individuals and organizations whose purpose and aspirations align with our own, bringing coaching deeper into business and society.
4. To build a vibrant, energizing and knowledge rich online environment to support the profession’s sustainable growth and development.
5. To position the IPACC at the leading edge of the profession’s evolution, enabling the IPACC to be the coaching community of choice for personal/professional coaches, organizations and corporations involved in the profession.

Our objectives:
1. To actively advance education and best practice in coaching.
2. To develop and implement targeted marketing initiatives to encourage growth to the profession.
3. To demonstrate accountability and credibility through role modelling a coach approach.
4. To encourage and provide opportunities for an open exchange of views and experiences.
5. To collaborate and build a network of strategic alliances and relationships worldwide, to maximize the members’ and the profession’s potential.